class Axlsx::DLbls

There are more elements in the dLbls spec that allow for customizations and formatting. For now, I am just implementing the basics. The DLbls class manages serialization of data labels showLeaderLines and leaderLines are not currently implemented

creates a new DLbls object


  • (ArgumentError)

The chart type that is using this data lables instance. This affects the xml output as not all chart types support the same data label attributes.

The position of the data labels in the chart

Assigns the label postion for this data labels on this chart. Allowed positions are :bestFilt, :b, :ctr, :inBase, :inEnd, :l, :outEnd, :r and :t The default is :bestFit


  • label_position (Symbol)

    the postion you want to use.

Initialize all the values to false as Excel requires them to explicitly be disabled or all will show.

serializes the data labels

nills out d_lbl_pos and show_leader_lines as these attributes, while valid in the spec actually chrash excel for any chart type other than pie charts.

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