class Axlsx::Axis

the access class defines common properties and values for a chart axis.

Creates an Axis object


  • options (Hash) (defaults to: {})

    a customizable set of options

Options Hash (options):

  • cross_axis (Axis)

    the perpendicular axis

  • ax_pos (Symbol)
  • crosses (Symbol)
  • tick_lbl_pos (Symbol)


  • (ArgumentError)

    If axi_id or cross_ax are not unsigned integers

The position of the axis must be one of [:l, :r, :t, :b]

the fill color to use in the axis shape properties. This should be a 6 character long hex string e.g. FF0000 for red

The perpendicular axis

specifies how the perpendicular axis is crossed must be one of [:autoZero, :min, :max]

specifies if gridlines should be shown in the chart

The number format format code for this axis default :General

specifies if gridlines should be shown in the chart

the id of the axis.

specifies how the degree of label rotation

The scaling of the axis

the position of the tick labels must be one of [:nextTo, :high, :low]

the title for the axis. This can be a cell or a fixed string.

Serializes the object


  • str (String) (defaults to: '')

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