End is the most important function that you need to call when ending the chain. The request won't proceed without calling it. End function returns Response which matchs the structure of Response type in Golang's http package (but without Body data). The body data itself returns as a string in a 2nd return value. Lastly but worth noticing, error array (NOTE: not just single error value) is returned as a 3rd value and nil otherwise.

For example:

resp, body, errs := gorequest.New().Get("").End()
if (errs != nil) {
fmt.Println(resp, body)

Moreover, End function also supports callback which you can put as a parameter. This extends the flexibility and makes GoRequest fun and clean! You can use GoRequest in whatever style you love!

For example:

func printBody(resp gorequest.Response, body string, errs []error){

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