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func SynchronizedAfterSuite

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SynchronizedAfterSuite blocks complement the SynchronizedBeforeSuite blocks in solving the problem of setting up external singleton resources shared across nodes when running tests in parallel.

SynchronizedAfterSuite accomplishes this by taking *two* function arguments. The first runs on all nodes. The second runs only on parallel node #1 and *only* after all other nodes have finished and exited. This ensures that node 1, and any resources it is running, remain alive until all other nodes are finished.

Both functions have the same signature: either func() or func(done Done) to run asynchronously.

Here's a pseudo-code example that complements that given in SynchronizedBeforeSuite. Here, SynchronizedAfterSuite is used to tear down the shared database only after all nodes have finished:

var _ = SynchronizedAfterSuite(func() {
}, func() {