Lexer for a specific language.

Basic options recognized: “stripnl“

Strip leading and trailing newlines from the input (default: True).


Strip all leading and trailing whitespace from the input
(default: False).


Make sure that the input ends with a newline (default: True).  This
is required for some lexers that consume input linewise.
*New in Pygments 1.3.*


If given and greater than 0, expand tabs in the input (default: 0).


If given, must be an encoding name. This encoding will be used to
convert the input string to Unicode, if it is not already a Unicode
string (default: ``'latin1'``).
Can also be ``'guess'`` to use a simple UTF-8 / Latin1 detection, or
``'chardet'`` to use the chardet library, if it is installed.

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