LookupFieldOrMethod looks up a field or method with given package and name in T and returns the corresponding *Var or *Func, an index sequence, and a bool indicating if there were any pointer indirections on the path to the field or method. If addressable is set, T is the type of an addressable variable (only matters for method lookups).

The last index entry is the field or method index in the (possibly embedded) type where the entry was found, either:

1) the list of declared methods of a named type; or
2) the list of all methods (method set) of an interface type; or
3) the list of fields of a struct type.

The earlier index entries are the indices of the anonymous struct fields traversed to get to the found entry, starting at depth 0.

If no entry is found, a nil object is returned. In this case, the returned index and indirect values have the following meaning:

	- If index != nil, the index sequence points to an ambiguous entry
	(the same name appeared more than once at the same embedding level).

	- If indirect is set, a method with a pointer receiver type was found
     but there was no pointer on the path from the actual receiver type to
	the method's formal receiver base type, nor was the receiver addressable.

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