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func EnableInfinityTs

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EnableInfinityTs controls the handling of Postgres' "-infinity" and "infinity" "timestamp"s.

If EnableInfinityTs is not called, "-infinity" and "infinity" will return []byte("-infinity") and []byte("infinity") respectively, and potentially cause error "sql: Scan error on column index 0: unsupported driver -> Scan pair: []uint8 -> *time.Time", when scanning into a time.Time value.

Once EnableInfinityTs has been called, all connections created using this driver will decode Postgres' "-infinity" and "infinity" for "timestamp", "timestamp with time zone" and "date" types to the predefined minimum and maximum times, respectively. When encoding time.Time values, any time which equals or precedes the predefined minimum time will be encoded to "-infinity". Any values at or past the maximum time will similarly be encoded to "infinity".

If EnableInfinityTs is called with negative >= positive, it will panic. Calling EnableInfinityTs after a connection has been established results in undefined behavior. If EnableInfinityTs is called more than once, it will panic.

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