A Framer reads and writes Frames.

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// A Framer reads and writes Frames.
type Framer struct {
	r         io.Reader
	lastFrame Frame
	errDetail error

	// lastHeaderStream is non-zero if the last frame was an
	lastHeaderStream uint32

	maxReadSize uint32
	headerBuf   [frameHeaderLen]byte

	// TODO: let getReadBuf be configurable, and use a less memory-pinning
	// allocator in server.go to minimize memory pinned for many idle conns.
	// Will probably also need to make frame invalidation have a hook too.
	getReadBuf func(size uint32) []byte
	readBuf    []byte // cache for default getReadBuf

	maxWriteSize uint32 // zero means unlimited; TODO: implement

	w    io.Writer
	wbuf []byte

	// AllowIllegalWrites permits the Framer's Write methods to
	// write frames that do not conform to the HTTP/2 spec. This
	// permits using the Framer to test other HTTP/2
	// implementations' conformance to the spec.
	// If false, the Write methods will prefer to return an error
	// rather than comply.
	AllowIllegalWrites bool

	// AllowIllegalReads permits the Framer's ReadFrame method
	// to return non-compliant frames or frame orders.
	// This is for testing and permits using the Framer to test
	// other HTTP/2 implementations' conformance to the spec.
	// It is not compatible with ReadMetaHeaders.
	AllowIllegalReads bool

	// ReadMetaHeaders if non-nil causes ReadFrame to merge
	// HEADERS and CONTINUATION frames together and return
	// MetaHeadersFrame instead.
	ReadMetaHeaders *hpack.Decoder

	// MaxHeaderListSize is the http2 MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE.
	// It's used only if ReadMetaHeaders is set; 0 means a sane default
	// (currently 16MB)
	// If the limit is hit, MetaHeadersFrame.Truncated is set true.
	MaxHeaderListSize uint32

	// TODO: track which type of frame & with which flags was sent
	// last.  Then return an error (unless AllowIllegalWrites) if
	// we're in the middle of a header block and a
	// non-Continuation or Continuation on a different stream is
	// attempted to be written.

	logReads bool

	debugFramer    *Framer // only use for logging written writes
	debugFramerBuf *bytes.Buffer