Publish sends a Publishing from the client to an exchange on the server.

When you want a single message to be delivered to a single queue, you can publish to the default exchange with the routingKey of the queue name. This is because every declared queue gets an implicit route to the default exchange.

Since publishings are asynchronous, any undeliverable message will get returned by the server. Add a listener with Channel.NotifyReturn to handle any undeliverable message when calling publish with either the mandatory or immediate parameters as true.

Publishings can be undeliverable when the mandatory flag is true and no queue is bound that matches the routing key, or when the immediate flag is true and no consumer on the matched queue is ready to accept the delivery.

This can return an error when the channel, connection or socket is closed. The error or lack of an error does not indicate whether the server has received this publishing.

It is possible for publishing to not reach the broker if the underlying socket is shutdown without pending publishing packets being flushed from the kernel buffers. The easy way of making it probable that all publishings reach the server is to always call Connection.Close before terminating your publishing application. The way to ensure that all publishings reach the server is to add a listener to Channel.NotifyConfirm and keep track of the server acks and nacks for every publishing you publish, only exiting when all publishings are accounted for.

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