ExchangeBind binds an exchange to another exchange to create inter-exchange routing topologies on the server. This can decouple the private topology and routing exchanges from exchanges intended solely for publishing endpoints.

Binding two exchanges with identical arguments will not create duplicate bindings.

Binding one exchange to another with multiple bindings will only deliver a message once. For example if you bind your exchange to `amq.fanout` with two different binding keys, only a single message will be delivered to your exchange even though multiple bindings will match.

Given a message delivered to the source exchange, the message will be forwarded to the destination exchange when the routing key is matched.

ExchangeBind("sell", "MSFT", "trade", false, nil)
ExchangeBind("buy", "AAPL", "trade", false, nil)

Delivery       Source      Key      Destination
example        exchange             exchange
key: AAPL  --> trade ----> MSFT     sell
                     \---> AAPL --> buy

When noWait is true, do not wait for the server to confirm the binding. If any error occurs the channel will be closed. Add a listener to NotifyClose to handle these errors.

Optional arguments specific to the exchanges bound can also be specified.

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