Channel represents an AMQP channel. Used as a context for valid message exchange. Errors on methods with this Channel as a receiver means this channel should be discarded and a new channel established.

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type Channel struct {
	destructor sync.Once
	sendM      sync.Mutex // sequence channel frames
	m          sync.Mutex // struct field mutex

	connection *Connection

	rpc       chan message
	consumers *consumers

	id uint16

	// true when we will never notify again
	noNotify bool

	// Channel and Connection exceptions will be broadcast on these listeners.
	closes []chan *Error

	// Listeners for active=true flow control.  When true is sent to a listener,
	// publishing should pause until false is sent to listeners.
	flows []chan bool

	// Listeners for returned publishings for unroutable messages on mandatory
	// publishings or undeliverable messages on immediate publishings.
	returns []chan Return

	// Listeners for when the server notifies the client that
	// a consumer has been cancelled.
	cancels []chan string

	// Listeners for Acks/Nacks when the channel is in Confirm mode
	// the value is the sequentially increasing delivery tag
	// starting at 1 immediately after the Confirm
	acks  []chan uint64
	nacks []chan uint64

	// When in confirm mode, track publish counter and order confirms
	confirms       tagSet
	publishCounter uint64

	// Selects on any errors from shutdown during RPC
	errors chan *Error

	// State machine that manages frame order, must only be mutated by the connection
	recv func(*Channel, frame) error

	// State that manages the send behavior after before and after shutdown, must
	// only be mutated in shutdown()
	send func(*Channel, message) error

	// Current state for frame re-assembly, only mutated from recv
	message messageWithContent
	header  *headerFrame
	body    []byte