Key is an implementation of the crypto.Signer interface using a key stored in a PKCS#11 hardware token. This enables the use of PKCS#11 tokens with the Go x509 library's methods for signing certificates.

Each Key represents one session. Its session handle is protected internally by a mutex, so at most one Sign operation can be active at a time. For best performance you may want to instantiate multiple Keys using pkcs11key.Pool. Each one will have its own session and can be used concurrently. Note that some smartcards like the Yubikey Neo do not support multiple simultaneous sessions and will error out on creation of the second Key object.

Note: If you instantiate multiple Keys without using Pool, it is *highly* recommended that you create all your Key objects serially, on your main thread, checking for errors each time, and then farm them out for use by different goroutines. If you fail to do this, your application may attempt to login repeatedly with an incorrect PIN, locking the PKCS#11 token.

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