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NewRegistration is used by clients to submit a new registration/account


	m := http.NewServeMux()
	wfe.HandleFunc(m, directoryPath, wfe.Directory, "GET")
	wfe.HandleFunc(m, newRegPath, wfe.NewRegistration, "POST")
	wfe.HandleFunc(m, newAuthzPath, wfe.NewAuthorization, "POST")
	wfe.HandleFunc(m, newCertPath, wfe.NewCertificate, "POST")

	result, err := signer.Sign([]byte(`{"resource":"new-reg","contact":["mailto:[email protected]"],"agreement":"` + agreementURL + `"}`))
	test.AssertNotError(t, err, "Failed to sign body")
	wfe.NewRegistration(ctx, newRequestEvent(), responseWriter,
	assertJSONEquals(t, responseWriter.Body.String(), `{"type":"urn:acme:error:badNonce","detail":"JWS has no anti-replay nonce","status":400}`)

	result, err := signer.Sign([]byte(`{"resource":"new-reg","contact":["mailto:[email protected]"],"agreement":"` + agreementURL + `"}`))
	test.AssertNotError(t, err, "Failed to sign")
	wfe.NewRegistration(ctx, newRequestEvent(), responseWriter, makePostRequest(result.FullSerialize()))

	var reg core.Registration

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	// Paraphrased from
	response.Header().Set("Content-Type", "application/problem+json")

	wfe.stats.Inc(fmt.Sprintf("HTTP.ErrorCodes.%d", code), 1)
	problemSegments := strings.Split(string(prob.Type), ":")
	if len(problemSegments) > 0 {
		wfe.stats.Inc(fmt.Sprintf("HTTP.ProblemTypes.%s", problemSegments[len(problemSegments)-1]), 1)

func link(url, relation string) string {
	return fmt.Sprintf("<%s>;rel=\"%s\"", url, relation)

// NewRegistration is used by clients to submit a new registration/account
func (wfe *WebFrontEndImpl) NewRegistration(ctx context.Context, logEvent *requestEvent, response http.ResponseWriter, request *http.Request) {

	body, key, _, prob := wfe.verifyPOST(ctx, logEvent, request, false, core.ResourceNewReg)
	addRequesterHeader(response, logEvent.Requester)
	if prob != nil {
		// verifyPOST handles its own setting of logEvent.Errors
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, prob, nil)

	if existingReg, err := wfe.SA.GetRegistrationByKey(ctx, *key); err == nil {
		response.Header().Set("Location", wfe.relativeEndpoint(request, fmt.Sprintf("%s%d", regPath, existingReg.ID)))
		// TODO(#595): check for missing registration err
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.Conflict("Registration key is already in use"), err)

	var init core.Registration
	err := json.Unmarshal(body, &init)
	if err != nil {
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.Malformed("Error unmarshaling JSON"), err)
	if len(init.Agreement) > 0 && init.Agreement != wfe.SubscriberAgreementURL {
		msg := fmt.Sprintf("Provided agreement URL [%s] does not match current agreement URL [%s]", init.Agreement, wfe.SubscriberAgreementURL)
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.Malformed(msg), nil)
	init.Key = *key
	init.InitialIP = net.ParseIP(request.Header.Get("X-Real-IP"))
	if init.InitialIP == nil {
		host, _, err := net.SplitHostPort(request.RemoteAddr)
		if err == nil {
			init.InitialIP = net.ParseIP(host)
		} else {
			logEvent.AddError("Couldn't parse RemoteAddr: %s", request.RemoteAddr)
			wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.ServerInternal("couldn't parse the remote (that is, the client's) address"), nil)

	reg, err := wfe.RA.NewRegistration(ctx, init)
	if err != nil {
		logEvent.AddError("unable to create new registration: %s", err)
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, core.ProblemDetailsForError(err, "Error creating new registration"), err)
	logEvent.Requester = reg.ID
	addRequesterHeader(response, reg.ID)
	logEvent.Contacts = reg.Contact

	// Use an explicitly typed variable. Otherwise `go vet' incorrectly complains
	// that reg.ID is a string being passed to %d.
	regURL := wfe.relativeEndpoint(request, fmt.Sprintf("%s%d", regPath, reg.ID))