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NewAuthorization is used by clients to submit a new ID Authorization

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	response.Header().Add("Link", link(wfe.relativeEndpoint(request, newAuthzPath), "next"))
	if len(wfe.SubscriberAgreementURL) > 0 {
		response.Header().Add("Link", link(wfe.SubscriberAgreementURL, "terms-of-service"))

	err = wfe.writeJsonResponse(response, logEvent, http.StatusCreated, reg)
	if err != nil {
		// ServerInternal because we just created this registration, and it
		// should be OK.
		logEvent.AddError("unable to marshal registration: %s", err)
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.ServerInternal("Error marshaling registration"), err)

// NewAuthorization is used by clients to submit a new ID Authorization
func (wfe *WebFrontEndImpl) NewAuthorization(ctx context.Context, logEvent *requestEvent, response http.ResponseWriter, request *http.Request) {
	body, _, currReg, prob := wfe.verifyPOST(ctx, logEvent, request, true, core.ResourceNewAuthz)
	addRequesterHeader(response, logEvent.Requester)
	if prob != nil {
		// verifyPOST handles its own setting of logEvent.Errors
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, prob, nil)
	// Any version of the agreement is acceptable here. Version match is enforced in
	// wfe.Registration when agreeing the first time. Agreement updates happen
	// by mailing subscribers and don't require a registration update.
	if currReg.Agreement == "" {
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.Unauthorized("Must agree to subscriber agreement before any further actions"), nil)

	var init core.Authorization
	if err := json.Unmarshal(body, &init); err != nil {
		logEvent.AddError("unable to JSON unmarshal Authorization: %s", err)
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.Malformed("Error unmarshaling JSON"), err)
	logEvent.Extra["Identifier"] = init.Identifier

	// Create new authz and return
	authz, err := wfe.RA.NewAuthorization(ctx, init, currReg.ID)
	if err != nil {
		logEvent.AddError("unable to create new authz: %s", err)
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, core.ProblemDetailsForError(err, "Error creating new authz"), err)
	logEvent.Extra["AuthzID"] = authz.ID

	// Make a URL for this authz, then blow away the ID and RegID before serializing
	authzURL := wfe.relativeEndpoint(request, authzPath+string(authz.ID))
	wfe.prepAuthorizationForDisplay(request, &authz)