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HandleFunc registers a handler at the given path. It's http.HandleFunc(), but with a wrapper around the handler that provides some generic per-request functionality:

* Set a Replay-Nonce header.

* Respond to OPTIONS requests, including CORS preflight requests.

* Set a no cache header

* Respond http.StatusMethodNotAllowed for HTTP methods other than those listed.

* Set CORS headers when responding to CORS "actual" requests.

* Never send a body in response to a HEAD request. Anything written by the handler will be discarded if the method is HEAD. Also, all handlers that accept GET automatically accept HEAD.

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func (wfe *WebFrontEndImpl) HandleFunc(mux *http.ServeMux, pattern string, h wfeHandlerFunc, methods ...string) {
	methodsMap := make(map[string]bool)
	for _, m := range methods {
		methodsMap[m] = true
	if methodsMap["GET"] && !methodsMap["HEAD"] {
		// Allow HEAD for any resource that allows GET
		methods = append(methods, "HEAD")
		methodsMap["HEAD"] = true
	methodsStr := strings.Join(methods, ", ")
	handler := http.StripPrefix(pattern, &topHandler{
		log: wfe.log,
		clk: clock.Default(),
		wfe: wfeHandlerFunc(func(ctx context.Context, logEvent *requestEvent, response http.ResponseWriter, request *http.Request) {
			// We do not propagate errors here, because (1) they should be
			// transient, and (2) they fail closed.
			nonce, err := wfe.nonceService.Nonce()
			if err == nil {
				response.Header().Set("Replay-Nonce", nonce)
				logEvent.ResponseNonce = nonce
			} else {
				logEvent.AddError("unable to make nonce: %s", err)

			switch request.Method {
			case "HEAD":
				// Go's net/http (and httptest) servers will strip out the body
				// of responses for us. This keeps the Content-Length for HEAD
				// requests as the same as GET requests per the spec.
			case "OPTIONS":
				wfe.Options(response, request, methodsStr, methodsMap)

			// No cache header is set for all requests, succeed or fail.

			if !methodsMap[request.Method] {
				response.Header().Set("Allow", methodsStr)
				wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.MethodNotAllowed(), nil)

			wfe.setCORSHeaders(response, request, "")

			timeout := wfe.RequestTimeout
			if timeout == 0 {
				timeout = 5 * time.Minute
			ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(ctx, timeout)
			// TODO(riking): add request context using WithValue

			// Call the wrapped handler.
			h(ctx, logEvent, response, request)
	mux.Handle(pattern, handler)