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Authorization is used by clients to submit an update to one of their authorizations.

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	if err != nil {
		logEvent.AddError("No such authorization at id %s", id)
		// TODO(#1199): handle db errors
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.NotFound("Unable to find authorization"), err)
	logEvent.Extra["AuthorizationID"] = authz.ID
	logEvent.Extra["AuthorizationRegistrationID"] = authz.RegistrationID
	logEvent.Extra["AuthorizationIdentifier"] = authz.Identifier
	logEvent.Extra["AuthorizationStatus"] = authz.Status
	logEvent.Extra["AuthorizationExpires"] = authz.Expires

	// After expiring, authorizations are inaccessible
	if authz.Expires == nil || authz.Expires.Before(wfe.clk.Now()) {
		msg := fmt.Sprintf("Authorization %v expired in the past (%v)", authz.ID, *authz.Expires)
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.NotFound("Expired authorization"), nil)

	if wfe.AllowAuthzDeactivation && request.Method == "POST" {
		// If the deactivation fails return early as errors and return codes
		// have already been set. Otherwise continue so that the user gets
		// sent the deactivated authorization.
		if !wfe.deactivateAuthorization(ctx, &authz, logEvent, response, request) {

	wfe.prepAuthorizationForDisplay(request, &authz)

	response.Header().Add("Link", link(wfe.relativeEndpoint(request, newCertPath), "next"))

	err = wfe.writeJsonResponse(response, logEvent, http.StatusOK, authz)
	if err != nil {
		// InternalServerError because this is a failure to decode from our DB.
		logEvent.AddError("Failed to JSON marshal authz: %s", err)
		wfe.sendError(response, logEvent, probs.ServerInternal("Failed to JSON marshal authz"), err)

var allHex = regexp.MustCompile("^[0-9a-f]+$")

// Certificate is used by clients to request a copy of their current certificate, or to
// request a reissuance of the certificate.
func (wfe *WebFrontEndImpl) Certificate(ctx context.Context, logEvent *requestEvent, response http.ResponseWriter, request *http.Request) {

	serial := request.URL.Path
	// Certificate paths consist of the CertBase path, plus exactly sixteen hex