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MarkCertificateRevoked stores the fact that a certificate is revoked, along with a timestamp and a reason.

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	var cert core.Certificate
	err := ssa.dbMap.SelectOne(&cert, fmt.Sprintf("SELECT %s FROM certificates WHERE serial = ?", CertificateFields), serial)
	if err == sql.ErrNoRows {
		return core.Certificate{}, core.NotFoundError(fmt.Sprintf("No certificate found for %s", serial))
	if err != nil {
		return core.Certificate{}, err
	return cert, err

// GetCertificateStatus takes a hexadecimal string representing the full 128-bit serial
// number of a certificate and returns data about that certificate's current
// validity.
func (ssa *SQLStorageAuthority) GetCertificateStatus(ctx context.Context, serial string) (core.CertificateStatus, error) {
	if !core.ValidSerial(serial) {
		err := fmt.Errorf("Invalid certificate serial %s", serial)
		return core.CertificateStatus{}, err

	var status core.CertificateStatus
	if features.Enabled(features.CertStatusOptimizationsMigrated) {
		statusObj, err := ssa.dbMap.Get(certStatusModelv2{}, serial)
		if err != nil {
			return status, err
		if statusObj == nil {
			return status, nil
		statusModel := statusObj.(*certStatusModelv2)
		status = core.CertificateStatus{
			Serial:                statusModel.Serial,
			SubscriberApproved:    statusModel.SubscriberApproved,
			Status:                statusModel.Status,
			OCSPLastUpdated:       statusModel.OCSPLastUpdated,
			RevokedDate:           statusModel.RevokedDate,
			RevokedReason:         statusModel.RevokedReason,
			LastExpirationNagSent: statusModel.LastExpirationNagSent,
			OCSPResponse:          statusModel.OCSPResponse,
			NotAfter:              statusModel.NotAfter,
			IsExpired:             statusModel.IsExpired,
			LockCol:               statusModel.LockCol,
	} else {
		statusObj, err := ssa.dbMap.Get(certStatusModelv1{}, serial)