Package errors provides error types returned in CF SSL.

1. Type Error is intended for errors produced by CF SSL packages. It formats to a json object that consists of an error message and a 4-digit code for error reasoning.

Example: {"code":1002, "message": "Failed to decode certificate"}

The index of codes are listed below:

1XXX: CertificateError
    1000: Unknown
    1001: ReadFailed
    1002: DecodeFailed
    1003: ParseFailed
    1100: SelfSigned
    12XX: VerifyFailed
        121X: CertificateInvalid
            1210: NotAuthorizedToSign
            1211: Expired
            1212: CANotAuthorizedForThisName
            1213: TooManyIntermediates
            1214: IncompatibleUsage
        1220: UnknownAuthority
2XXX: PrivatekeyError
    2000: Unknown
    2001: ReadFailed
    2002: DecodeFailed
    2003: ParseFailed
    2100: Encrypted
    2200: NotRSA
    2300: KeyMismatch
    2400: GenerationFailed
    2500: Unavailable
3XXX: IntermediatesError
4XXX: RootError
5XXX: PolicyError
    5100: NoKeyUsages
    5200: InvalidPolicy
    5300: InvalidRequest
    5400: UnknownProfile
    6XXX: DialError

2. Type HttpError is intended for CF SSL API to consume. It contains a HTTP status code that will be read and returned by the API server.

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