New creates, initialize and then returns a new Kite instance. Version must be in 3-digit semantic form. Name is important that it's also used to be searched by others.

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func New(name, version string) *Kite {
	if name == "" {
		panic("kite: name cannot be empty")

	if digits := strings.Split(version, "."); len(digits) != 3 {
		panic("kite: version must be 3-digits semantic version")

	kiteID := uuid.NewV4()

	l, setlevel := newLogger(name)

	kClient := &kontrolClient{
		readyConnected:  make(chan struct{}),
		readyRegistered: make(chan struct{}),
		registerChan:    make(chan *url.URL, 1),

	k := &Kite{
		Config:         config.New(),
		Log:            l,
		SetLogLevel:    setlevel,
		Authenticators: make(map[string]func(*Request) error),
		handlers:       make(map[string]*Method),
		kontrol:        kClient,
		name:           name,
		version:        version,
		Id:             kiteID.String(),
		readyC:         make(chan bool),
		closeC:         make(chan bool),
		heartbeatC:     make(chan *heartbeatReq, 1),
		muxer:          mux.NewRouter(),

	// We change the heartbeat interval from 25 seconds to 10 seconds. This is
	// better for environments such as AWS ELB.
	sockjsOpts := sockjs.DefaultOptions
	sockjsOpts.HeartbeatDelay = 10 * time.Second

	// All sockjs communication is done through this endpoint..
	k.muxer.PathPrefix("/kite").Handler(sockjs.NewHandler("/kite", sockjsOpts, k.sockjsHandler))

	// Add useful debug logs
	k.OnConnect(func(c *Client) { k.Log.Debug("New session: %s", c.session.ID()) })
	k.OnFirstRequest(func(c *Client) { k.Log.Debug("Session %q is identified as %q", c.session.ID(), c.Kite) })
	k.OnDisconnect(func(c *Client) { k.Log.Debug("Kite has disconnected: %q", c.Kite) })

	// Every kite should be able to authenticate the user from token.
	// Tokens are granted by Kontrol Kite.
	k.Authenticators["token"] = k.AuthenticateFromToken

	// A kite accepts requests with the same username.
	k.Authenticators["kiteKey"] = k.AuthenticateFromKiteKey

	// Register default methods and handlers.

	go k.processHeartbeats()

	return k