Extend extends a chain by adding the specified chain as the last one in the request flow.

Extend returns a new chain, leaving the original one untouched.

stdChain := alice.New(m1, m2)
ext1Chain := alice.New(m3, m4)
ext2Chain := stdChain.Extend(ext1Chain)
// requests in stdChain go  m1 -> m2
// requests in ext1Chain go m3 -> m4
// requests in ext2Chain go m1 -> m2 -> m3 -> m4

Another example:

 aHtmlAfterNosurf := alice.New(m2)
	aHtml := alice.New(m1, func(h http.Handler) http.Handler {
		csrf := nosurf.New(h)
		return csrf
		// requests to aHtml hitting nosurfs success handler go m1 -> nosurf -> m2 -> target-handler
		// requests to aHtml hitting nosurfs failure handler go m1 -> nosurf -> m2 -> csrfFail

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