A View is a window. It maintains its own internal buffer and cursor position.

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type View struct {
	name           string
	x0, y0, x1, y1 int
	ox, oy         int
	cx, cy         int
	lines          [][]cell
	readOffset     int
	readCache      string

	tainted   bool       // marks if the viewBuffer must be updated
	viewLines []viewLine // internal representation of the view's buffer

	ei *escapeInterpreter // used to decode ESC sequences on Write

	// BgColor and FgColor allow to configure the background and foreground
	// colors of the View.
	BgColor, FgColor Attribute

	// SelBgColor and SelFgColor are used to configure the background and
	// foreground colors of the selected line, when it is highlighted.
	SelBgColor, SelFgColor Attribute

	// If Editable is true, keystrokes will be added to the view's internal
	// buffer at the cursor position.
	Editable bool

	// Overwrite enables or disables the overwrite mode of the view.
	Overwrite bool

	// If Highlight is true, Sel{Bg,Fg}Colors will be used
	// for the line under the cursor position.
	Highlight bool

	// If Frame is true, a border will be drawn around the view.
	Frame bool

	// If Wrap is true, the content that is written to this View is
	// automatically wrapped when it is longer than its width. If true the
	// view's x-origin will be ignored.
	Wrap bool

	// If Autoscroll is true, the View will automatically scroll down when the
	// text overflows. If true the view's y-origin will be ignored.
	Autoscroll bool

	// If Frame is true, Title allows to configure a title for the view.
	Title string

	// If Mask is true, the View will display the mask instead of the real
	// content
	Mask rune