Dialect interface contains behaviors that differ across SQL database

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type Dialect interface {
	// GetName get dialect's name
	GetName() string

	// SetDB set db for dialect
	SetDB(db *sql.DB)

	// BindVar return the placeholder for actual values in SQL statements, in many dbs it is "?", Postgres using $1
	BindVar(i int) string
	// Quote quotes field name to avoid SQL parsing exceptions by using a reserved word as a field name
	Quote(key string) string
	// DataTypeOf return data's sql type
	DataTypeOf(field *StructField) string

	// HasIndex check has index or not
	HasIndex(tableName string, indexName string) bool
	// HasForeignKey check has foreign key or not
	HasForeignKey(tableName string, foreignKeyName string) bool
	// RemoveIndex remove index
	RemoveIndex(tableName string, indexName string) error
	// HasTable check has table or not
	HasTable(tableName string) bool
	// HasColumn check has column or not
	HasColumn(tableName string, columnName string) bool

	// LimitAndOffsetSQL return generated SQL with Limit and Offset, as mssql has special case
	LimitAndOffsetSQL(limit, offset interface{}) string
	// SelectFromDummyTable return select values, for most dbs, `SELECT values` just works, mysql needs `SELECT value FROM DUAL`
	SelectFromDummyTable() string
	// LastInsertIdReturningSuffix most dbs support LastInsertId, but postgres needs to use `RETURNING`
	LastInsertIDReturningSuffix(tableName, columnName string) string

	// BuildForeignKeyName returns a foreign key name for the given table, field and reference
	BuildForeignKeyName(tableName, field, dest string) string

	// CurrentDatabase return current database name
	CurrentDatabase() string