Do executes the "youtube.subscriptions.list" call. Exactly one of *SubscriptionListResponse or error will be non-nil. Any non-2xx status code is an error. Response headers are in either *SubscriptionListResponse.ServerResponse.Header or (if a response was returned at all) in error.(*googleapi.Error).Header. Use googleapi.IsNotModified to check whether the returned error was because http.StatusNotModified was returned.


	//   ]
	// }


// method id "":

type SearchListCall struct {
	s            *Service
	urlParams_   gensupport.URLParams
	ifNoneMatch_ string
	ctx_         context.Context

// List: Returns a collection of search results that match the query
// parameters specified in the API request. By default, a search result
// set identifies matching video, channel, and playlist resources, but
// you can also configure queries to only retrieve a specific type of
// resource.
func (r *SearchService) List(part string) *SearchListCall {
	c := &SearchListCall{s: r.s, urlParams_: make(gensupport.URLParams)}
	c.urlParams_.Set("part", part)
	return c

// ChannelId sets the optional parameter "channelId": The channelId
// parameter indicates that the API response should only contain
// resources created by the channel
func (c *SearchListCall) ChannelId(channelId string) *SearchListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("channelId", channelId)
	return c

// ChannelType sets the optional parameter "channelType": The
// channelType parameter lets you restrict a search to a particular type
// of channel.
// Possible values:
//   "any" - Return all channels.
//   "show" - Only retrieve shows.
func (c *SearchListCall) ChannelType(channelType string) *SearchListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("channelType", channelType)
	return c

// EventType sets the optional parameter "eventType": The eventType
// parameter restricts a search to broadcast events. If you specify a
// value for this parameter, you must also set the type parameter's
// value to video.
// Possible values:
//   "completed" - Only include completed broadcasts.
//   "live" - Only include active broadcasts.
//   "upcoming" - Only include upcoming broadcasts.
func (c *SearchListCall) EventType(eventType string) *SearchListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("eventType", eventType)
	return c

// ForContentOwner sets the optional parameter "forContentOwner": Note:
// This parameter is intended exclusively for YouTube content
// partners.
// The forContentOwner parameter restricts the search to only retrieve
// resources owned by the content owner specified by the
// onBehalfOfContentOwner parameter. The user must be authenticated
// using a CMS account linked to the specified content owner and
// onBehalfOfContentOwner must be provided.
func (c *SearchListCall) ForContentOwner(forContentOwner bool) *SearchListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("forContentOwner", fmt.Sprint(forContentOwner))
	return c

// ForDeveloper sets the optional parameter "forDeveloper": The
// forDeveloper parameter restricts the search to only retrieve videos
// uploaded via the developer's application or website. The API server
// uses the request's authorization credentials to identify the
// developer. Therefore, a developer can restrict results to videos
// uploaded through the developer's own app or website but not to videos
// uploaded through other apps or sites.
func (c *SearchListCall) ForDeveloper(forDeveloper bool) *SearchListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("forDeveloper", fmt.Sprint(forDeveloper))
	return c

// ForMine sets the optional parameter "forMine": The forMine parameter
// restricts the search to only retrieve videos owned by the
// authenticated user. If you set this parameter to true, then the type
// parameter's value must also be set to video.
func (c *SearchListCall) ForMine(forMine bool) *SearchListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("forMine", fmt.Sprint(forMine))
	return c

// Location sets the optional parameter "location": The location
// parameter, in conjunction with the locationRadius parameter, defines
// a circular geographic area and also restricts a search to videos that
// specify, in their metadata, a geographic location that falls within
// that area. The parameter value is a string that specifies
// latitude/longitude coordinates e.g. (37.42307,-122.08427).
// - The location parameter value identifies the point at the center of
// the area.
// - The locationRadius parameter specifies the maximum distance that
// the location associated with a video can be from that point for the
// video to still be included in the search results.The API returns an
// error if your request specifies a value for the location parameter
// but does not also specify a value for the locationRadius parameter.
func (c *SearchListCall) Location(location string) *SearchListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("location", location)
	return c

// LocationRadius sets the optional parameter "locationRadius": The
// locationRadius parameter, in conjunction with the location parameter,
// defines a circular geographic area.
// The parameter value must be a floating point number followed by a
// measurement unit. Valid measurement units are m, km, ft, and mi. For
// example, valid parameter values include 1500m, 5km, 10000ft, and
// 0.75mi. The API does not support locationRadius parameter values
// larger than 1000 kilometers.
// Note: See the definition of the location parameter for more
// information.
func (c *SearchListCall) LocationRadius(locationRadius string) *SearchListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("locationRadius", locationRadius)