Do executes the "youtube.comments.markAsSpam" call.

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	return c

// MySubscribers sets the optional parameter "mySubscribers": Use the
// subscriptions.list method and its mySubscribers parameter to retrieve
// a list of subscribers to the authenticated user's channel.
func (c *ChannelsListCall) MySubscribers(mySubscribers bool) *ChannelsListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("mySubscribers", fmt.Sprint(mySubscribers))
	return c

// OnBehalfOfContentOwner sets the optional parameter
// "onBehalfOfContentOwner": Note: This parameter is intended
// exclusively for YouTube content partners.
// The onBehalfOfContentOwner parameter indicates that the request's
// authorization credentials identify a YouTube CMS user who is acting
// on behalf of the content owner specified in the parameter value. This
// parameter is intended for YouTube content partners that own and
// manage many different YouTube channels. It allows content owners to
// authenticate once and get access to all their video and channel data,
// without having to provide authentication credentials for each
// individual channel. The CMS account that the user authenticates with
// must be linked to the specified YouTube content owner.
func (c *ChannelsListCall) OnBehalfOfContentOwner(onBehalfOfContentOwner string) *ChannelsListCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("onBehalfOfContentOwner", onBehalfOfContentOwner)
	return c

// PageToken sets the optional parameter "pageToken": The pageToken
// parameter identifies a specific page in the result set that should be
// returned. In an API response, the nextPageToken and prevPageToken
// properties identify other pages that could be retrieved.