Channel: A channel resource contains information about a YouTube channel.

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	//   "descriptive"
	//   "primary"
	//   "unknown"
	AudioTrackType string `json:"audioTrackType,omitempty"`

	// FailureReason: The reason that YouTube failed to process the caption
	// track. This property is only present if the state property's value is
	// failed.
	// Possible values:
	//   "processingFailed"
	//   "unknownFormat"
	//   "unsupportedFormat"
	FailureReason string `json:"failureReason,omitempty"`

	// IsAutoSynced: Indicates whether YouTube synchronized the caption
	// track to the audio track in the video. The value will be true if a
	// sync was explicitly requested when the caption track was uploaded.
	// For example, when calling the captions.insert or captions.update
	// methods, you can set the sync parameter to true to instruct YouTube
	// to sync the uploaded track to the video. If the value is false,
	// YouTube uses the time codes in the uploaded caption track to
	// determine when to display captions.
	IsAutoSynced bool `json:"isAutoSynced,omitempty"`

	// IsCC: Indicates whether the track contains closed captions for the
	// deaf and hard of hearing. The default value is false.
	IsCC bool `json:"isCC,omitempty"`

	// IsDraft: Indicates whether the caption track is a draft. If the value
	// is true, then the track is not publicly visible. The default value is
	// false.
	IsDraft bool `json:"isDraft,omitempty"`

	// IsEasyReader: Indicates whether caption track is formatted for "easy
	// reader," meaning it is at a third-grade level for language learners.
	// The default value is false.
	IsEasyReader bool `json:"isEasyReader,omitempty"`

	// IsLarge: Indicates whether the caption track uses large text for the
	// vision-impaired. The default value is false.
	IsLarge bool `json:"isLarge,omitempty"`

	// Language: The language of the caption track. The property value is a
	// BCP-47 language tag.
	Language string `json:"language,omitempty"`

	// LastUpdated: The date and time when the caption track was last
	// updated. The value is specified in ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sZ)
	// format.
	LastUpdated string `json:"lastUpdated,omitempty"`

	// Name: The name of the caption track. The name is intended to be
	// visible to the user as an option during playback.
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

	// Status: The caption track's status.
	// Possible values:
	//   "failed"
	//   "serving"
	//   "syncing"
	Status string `json:"status,omitempty"`

	// TrackKind: The caption track's type.
	// Possible values: