Step: A Step represents a single operation performed as part of Execution. A step can be used to represent the execution of a tool ( for example a test runner execution or an execution of a compiler).

Steps can overlap (for instance two steps might have the same start time if some operations are done in parallel).

Here is an example, let's consider that we have a continuous build is executing a test runner for each iteration. The workflow would look like: - user creates a Execution with id 1 - user creates an TestExecutionStep with id 100 for Execution 1 - user update TestExecutionStep with id 100 to add a raw xml log + the service parses the xml logs and returns a TestExecutionStep with updated TestResult(s). - user update the status of TestExecutionStep with id 100 to COMPLETE

A Step can be updated until its state is set to COMPLETE at which points it becomes immutable.

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