IncludePrefixes: If `includePrefixes` is specified, objects that satisfy the object conditions must have names that start with one of the `includePrefixes` and that do not start with any of the `excludePrefixes`. If `includePrefixes` is not specified, all objects except those that have names starting with one of the `excludePrefixes` must satisfy the object conditions. Requirements: * Each include-prefix and exclude-prefix can contain any sequence of Unicode characters, of max length 1024 bytes when UTF8-encoded, and must not contain Carriage Return or Line Feed characters. Wildcard matching and regular expression matching are not supported. * None of the include-prefix or the exclude-prefix values can be empty, if specified. * Each include-prefix must include a distinct portion of the object namespace, i.e., no include-prefix may be a prefix of another include-prefix. * Each exclude-prefix must exclude a distinct portion of the object namespace, i.e., no exclude-prefix may be a prefix of another exclude-prefix. * If `includePrefixes` is specified, then each exclude-prefix must start with the value of a path explicitly included by `includePrefixes`. The max size of `includePrefixes` is 20.

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