RewriteResponse: A rewrite response.


	// Email: The email address associated with the entity, if any.
	Email string `json:"email,omitempty"`

	// Entity: The entity holding the permission, in one of the following
	// forms:
	// - user-userId
	// - user-email
	// - group-groupId
	// - group-email
	// - domain-domain
	// - project-team-projectId
	// - allUsers
	// - allAuthenticatedUsers Examples:
	// - The user [email protected] would be [email protected]
	// - The group [email protected] would be
	// [email protected]
	// - To refer to all members of the Google Apps for Business domain
	//, the entity would be
	Entity string `json:"entity,omitempty"`

	// EntityId: The ID for the entity, if any.
	EntityId string `json:"entityId,omitempty"`

	// Etag: HTTP 1.1 Entity tag for the access-control entry.
	Etag string `json:"etag,omitempty"`

	// Generation: The content generation of the object, if applied to an
	// object.
	Generation int64 `json:"generation,omitempty,string"`

	// Id: The ID of the access-control entry.
	Id string `json:"id,omitempty"`

	// Kind: The kind of item this is. For object access control entries,
	// this is always storage#objectAccessControl.
	Kind string `json:"kind,omitempty"`

	// Object: The name of the object, if applied to an object.
	Object string `json:"object,omitempty"`