Type: The type of this series. Valid only if the chartType is COMBO. Different types will change the way the series is visualized. Only LINE, AREA, and COLUMN are supported.

Possible values:

"BASIC_CHART_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED" - Default value, do not use.
"BAR" - A <a href="/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/barchart">bar


"LINE" - A <a href="/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/linechart">line


"AREA" - An <a

href="/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/areachart">area chart</a>.

"COLUMN" - A <a

href="/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/columnchart">column chart</a>.

"SCATTER" - A <a

href="/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/scatterchart">scatter chart</a>.

"COMBO" - A <a

href="/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/combochart">combo chart</a>.

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