EphemeralIdRegistrationParams: Information a client needs to provision and register beacons that broadcast Eddystone-EID format beacon IDs, using Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange. See [the Eddystone specification]( ne-eid) at GitHub.

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// specification](
// ne-eid) at GitHub.
type EphemeralIdRegistration struct {
	// BeaconEcdhPublicKey: The beacon's public key used for the Elliptic
	// curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange. When this field is populated,
	// `service_ecdh_public_key` must also be populated, and
	// `beacon_identity_key` must not be.
	BeaconEcdhPublicKey string `json:"beaconEcdhPublicKey,omitempty"`

	// BeaconIdentityKey: The private key of the beacon. If this field is
	// populated, `beacon_ecdh_public_key` and `service_ecdh_public_key`
	// must not be populated.
	BeaconIdentityKey string `json:"beaconIdentityKey,omitempty"`

	// InitialClockValue: The initial clock value of the beacon. The
	// beacon's clock must have begun counting at this value immediately
	// prior to transmitting this value to the resolving service.
	// Significant delay in transmitting this value to the service risks
	// registration or resolution failures. If a value is not provided, the
	// default is zero.
	InitialClockValue uint64 `json:"initialClockValue,omitempty,string"`

	// InitialEid: An initial ephemeral ID calculated using the clock value
	// submitted as `initial_clock_value`, and the secret key generated by
	// the Diffie-Hellman key exchange using `service_ecdh_public_key` and
	// `service_ecdh_public_key`. This initial EID value will be used by the
	// service to confirm that the key exchange process was successful.
	InitialEid string `json:"initialEid,omitempty"`