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	// default to V2.
	//   "V2" - `LogEntry` version 2 format.
	//   "V1" - `LogEntry` version 1 format.
	OutputVersionFormat string `json:"outputVersionFormat,omitempty"`

	// StartTime: Optional. Time range for which this sink is active.
	// Logs are exported only if start_time <= entry.timestamp <
	// end_time
	// Both start_time and end_time may be omitted to specify
	// (half) infinite ranges. The start_time must be less than the
	// end_time.
	StartTime string `json:"startTime,omitempty"`

	// WriterIdentity: Output only. The IAM identity to which the
	// destination needs to grant write
	// access.  This may be a service account or a group.
	// Examples (Do not assume these specific values):
	//    "serviceAccount:[email protected]"
	//    "group:[email protected]"
	//   For GCS destinations, the role "roles/owner" is required on the
	// bucket
	//   For Cloud Pubsub destinations, the role "roles/pubsub.publisher"
	// is