HttpRequest: A common proto for logging HTTP requests.

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type HttpRequest struct {
	// CacheHit: Whether or not an entity was served from cache (with or
	// without validation).
	CacheHit bool `json:"cacheHit,omitempty"`

	// Referer: Referer (a.k.a. referrer) URL of request, as defined in
	Referer string `json:"referer,omitempty"`

	// RemoteIp: IP address of the client who issues the HTTP request. Could
	// be either IPv4 or IPv6.
	RemoteIp string `json:"remoteIp,omitempty"`

	// RequestMethod: Request method, such as `GET`, `HEAD`, `PUT` or
	// `POST`.
	RequestMethod string `json:"requestMethod,omitempty"`

	// RequestSize: Size of the HTTP request message in bytes, including
	// request headers and the request body.
	RequestSize int64 `json:"requestSize,omitempty,string"`

	// RequestUrl: Contains the scheme (http|https), the host name, the path
	// and the query portion of the URL that was requested.
	RequestUrl string `json:"requestUrl,omitempty"`

	// ResponseSize: Size of the HTTP response message in bytes sent back to
	// the client, including response headers and response body.
	ResponseSize int64 `json:"responseSize,omitempty,string"`

	// Status: A response code indicates the status of response, e.g., 200.
	Status int64 `json:"status,omitempty"`

	// UserAgent: User agent sent by the client, e.g., "Mozilla/4.0
	// (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; Q312461; .NET CLR 1.0.3705)".
	UserAgent string `json:"userAgent,omitempty"`

	// ValidatedWithOriginServer: Whether or not the response was validated
	// with the origin server before being served from cache. This field is
	// only meaningful if cache_hit is True.
	ValidatedWithOriginServer bool `json:"validatedWithOriginServer,omitempty"`

	// ForceSendFields is a list of field names (e.g. "CacheHit") to
	// unconditionally include in API requests. By default, fields with
	// empty values are omitted from API requests. However, any non-pointer,
	// non-interface field appearing in ForceSendFields will be sent to the
	// server regardless of whether the field is empty or not. This may be
	// used to include empty fields in Patch requests.
	ForceSendFields []string `json:"-"`