SearchReadsRequest: The read search request.

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func (s *ReferenceSet) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
	type noMethod ReferenceSet
	raw := noMethod(*s)
	return gensupport.MarshalJSON(raw, s.ForceSendFields, s.NullFields)

type SearchAnnotationSetsRequest struct {
	// DatasetIds: The dataset IDs to search within. Caller must have READ
	// access to these datasets.
	DatasetIds []string `json:"datasetIds,omitempty"`

	// Name: Only return annotations sets for which a substring of the name
	// matches this string (case insensitive).
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

	// PageSize: The maximum number of results to return in a single page.
	// If unspecified, defaults to 128. The maximum value is 1024.
	PageSize int64 `json:"pageSize,omitempty"`

	// PageToken: The continuation token, which is used to page through
	// large result sets. To get the next page of results, set this
	// parameter to the value of nextPageToken from the previous response.
	PageToken string `json:"pageToken,omitempty"`

	// ReferenceSetId: If specified, only annotation sets associated with
	// the given reference set are returned.
	ReferenceSetId string `json:"referenceSetId,omitempty"`

	// Types: If specified, only annotation sets that have any of these
	// types are returned.
	// Possible values:
	//   "GENE"
	//   "GENERIC"
	//   "VARIANT"
	Types []string `json:"types,omitempty"`

	// ForceSendFields is a list of field names (e.g. "DatasetIds") to
	// unconditionally include in API requests. By default, fields with
	// empty values are omitted from API requests. However, any non-pointer,