Do executes the "genomics.annotationSets.patch" call. Exactly one of *AnnotationSet or error will be non-nil. Any non-2xx status code is an error. Response headers are in either *AnnotationSet.ServerResponse.Header or (if a response was returned at all) in error.(*googleapi.Error).Header. Use googleapi.IsNotModified to check whether the returned error was because http.StatusNotModified was returned.

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	// for each one, as they may represent distinct conditions.
	AlternateBases string `json:"alternateBases,omitempty"`

	// ClinicalSignificance: Describes the clinical significance of a
	// variant. It is adapted from the ClinVar controlled vocabulary for
	// clinical significance described at:
	// Possible values:
	//   "BENIGN"
	//   "OTHER"
	ClinicalSignificance string `json:"clinicalSignificance,omitempty"`

	// Conditions: The set of conditions associated with this variant. A
	// condition describes the way a variant influences human health.
	Conditions []*VariantAnnotationCondition `json:"conditions,omitempty"`

	// Effect: Effect of the variant on the coding sequence.
	// Possible values:
	//   "OTHER"
	//   "STOP_GAIN"
	//   "STOP_LOSS"
	Effect string `json:"effect,omitempty"`

	// GeneId: Google annotation ID of the gene affected by this variant.
	// This should be provided when the variant is created.
	GeneId string `json:"geneId,omitempty"`

	// TranscriptIds: Google annotation IDs of the transcripts affected by
	// this variant. These should be provided when the variant is created.
	TranscriptIds []string `json:"transcriptIds,omitempty"`

	// Type: Type has been adapted from ClinVar's list of variant types.
	// Possible values:
	//   "CNV"
	//   "DELETION"
	//   "OTHER"
	//   "SNP"