OperationMetadata1: Metadata describing an Operation.

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func (s *LoggingOptions) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
	type noMethod LoggingOptions
	raw := noMethod(*s)
	return gensupport.MarshalJSON(raw, s.ForceSendFields, s.NullFields)

// Operation: This resource represents a long-running operation that is
// the result of a network API call.
type Operation struct {
	// Done: If the value is `false`, it means the operation is still in
	// progress. If true, the operation is completed, and either `error` or
	// `response` is available.
	Done bool `json:"done,omitempty"`

	// Error: The error result of the operation in case of failure or
	// cancellation.
	Error *Status `json:"error,omitempty"`

	// Metadata: An OperationMetadata object. This will always be returned
	// with the Operation.
	Metadata OperationMetadata `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

	// Name: The server-assigned name, which is only unique within the same
	// service that originally returns it. For example:
	// `operations/CJHU7Oi_ChDrveSpBRjfuL-qzoWAgEw`
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

	// Response: If importing ReadGroupSets, an ImportReadGroupSetsResponse
	// is returned. If importing Variants, an ImportVariantsResponse is
	// returned. For exports, an empty response is returned.
	Response OperationResponse `json:"response,omitempty"`

	// ServerResponse contains the HTTP response code and headers from the
	// server.
	googleapi.ServerResponse `json:"-"`

	// ForceSendFields is a list of field names (e.g. "Done") to
	// unconditionally include in API requests. By default, fields with
	// empty values are omitted from API requests. However, any non-pointer,
	// non-interface field appearing in ForceSendFields will be sent to the