ReferenceSet: A reference set is a set of references which typically comprise a reference assembly for a species, such as `GRCh38` which is representative of the human genome. A reference set defines a common coordinate space for comparing reference-aligned experimental data. A reference set contains 1 or more references. For more genomics resource definitions, see [Fundamentals of Google Genomics]( omics)

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	// FragmentLength: The observed length of the fragment, equivalent to
	// TLEN in SAM.
	FragmentLength int64 `json:"fragmentLength,omitempty"`

	// FragmentName: The fragment name. Equivalent to QNAME (query template
	// name) in SAM.
	FragmentName string `json:"fragmentName,omitempty"`

	// Id: The server-generated read ID, unique across all reads. This is
	// different from the `fragmentName`.
	Id string `json:"id,omitempty"`

	// Info: A map of additional read alignment information. This must be of
	// the form map (string key mapping to a list of string values).
	Info map[string][]interface{} `json:"info,omitempty"`

	// NextMatePosition: The mapping of the primary alignment of the
	// `(readNumber+1)%numberReads` read in the fragment. It replaces mate
	// position and mate strand in SAM.
	NextMatePosition *Position `json:"nextMatePosition,omitempty"`

	// NumberReads: The number of reads in the fragment (extension to SAM
	// flag 0x1).
	NumberReads int64 `json:"numberReads,omitempty"`

	// ProperPlacement: The orientation and the distance between reads from
	// the fragment are consistent with the sequencing protocol (SAM flag
	// 0x2).
	ProperPlacement bool `json:"properPlacement,omitempty"`

	// ReadGroupId: The ID of the read group this read belongs to. A read
	// belongs to exactly one read group. This is a server-generated ID
	// which is distinct from SAM's RG tag (for that value, see
	ReadGroupId string `json:"readGroupId,omitempty"`

	// ReadGroupSetId: The ID of the read group set this read belongs to. A
	// read belongs to exactly one read group set.
	ReadGroupSetId string `json:"readGroupSetId,omitempty"`

	// ReadNumber: The read number in sequencing. 0-based and less than
	// numberReads. This field replaces SAM flag 0x40 and 0x80.
	ReadNumber int64 `json:"readNumber,omitempty"`

	// SecondaryAlignment: Whether this alignment is secondary. Equivalent
	// to SAM flag 0x100. A secondary alignment represents an alternative to
	// the primary alignment for this read. Aligners may return secondary
	// alignments if a read can map ambiguously to multiple coordinates in
	// the genome. By convention, each read has one and only one alignment
	// where both `secondaryAlignment` and `supplementaryAlignment` are