Search: Gets a list of reads for one or more read group sets. For the definitions of read group sets and other genomics resources, see [Fundamentals of Google Genomics]( omics) Reads search operates over a genomic coordinate space of reference sequence & position defined over the reference sequences to which the requested read group sets are aligned. If a target positional range is specified, search returns all reads whose alignment to the reference genome overlap the range. A query which specifies only read group set IDs yields all reads in those read group sets, including unmapped reads. All reads returned (including reads on subsequent pages) are ordered by genomic coordinate (by reference sequence, then position). Reads with equivalent genomic coordinates are returned in an unspecified order. This order is consistent, such that two queries for the same content (regardless of page size) yield reads in the same order across their respective streams of paginated responses. Implements [GlobalAllianceApi.searchReads]( v0.5.1/src/main/resources/avro/readmethods.avdl#L85).

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