Do executes the "games.questMilestones.claim" call.

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	// }


// method id "games.metagame.listCategoriesByPlayer":

type MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall struct {
	s            *Service
	playerId     string
	collection   string
	urlParams_   gensupport.URLParams
	ifNoneMatch_ string
	ctx_         context.Context

// ListCategoriesByPlayer: List play data aggregated per category for
// the player corresponding to playerId.
func (r *MetagameService) ListCategoriesByPlayer(playerId string, collection string) *MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall {
	c := &MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall{s: r.s, urlParams_: make(gensupport.URLParams)}
	c.playerId = playerId
	c.collection = collection
	return c

// ConsistencyToken sets the optional parameter "consistencyToken": The
// last-seen mutation timestamp.
func (c *MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall) ConsistencyToken(consistencyToken int64) *MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("consistencyToken", fmt.Sprint(consistencyToken))
	return c

// Language sets the optional parameter "language": The preferred
// language to use for strings returned by this method.
func (c *MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall) Language(language string) *MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("language", language)
	return c

// MaxResults sets the optional parameter "maxResults": The maximum
// number of category resources to return in the response, used for
// paging. For any response, the actual number of category resources
// returned may be less than the specified maxResults.
func (c *MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall) MaxResults(maxResults int64) *MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("maxResults", fmt.Sprint(maxResults))
	return c

// PageToken sets the optional parameter "pageToken": The token returned
// by the previous request.
func (c *MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall) PageToken(pageToken string) *MetagameListCategoriesByPlayerCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("pageToken", pageToken)
	return c

// Fields allows partial responses to be retrieved. See