FormatPattern: Format pattern. Acceptable values are DT_DATE_MEDIUMe.g Dec 24, 2008 DT_DATE_SHORTfor example 12/24/08 DT_DATE_TIME_MEDIUMfor example Dec 24, 2008 8:30:45 PM DT_DATE_TIME_SHORTfor example 12/24/08 8:30 PM DT_DAY_MONTH_2_DIGIT_YEARfor example 24/12/08 DT_DAY_MONTH_2_DIGIT_YEAR_TIMEfor example 24/12/08 20:30 DT_DAY_MONTH_2_DIGIT_YEAR_TIME_MERIDIANfor example 24/12/08 8:30 PM DT_DAY_MONTH_4_DIGIT_YEARfor example 24/12/2008 DT_DAY_MONTH_4_DIGIT_YEAR_TIMEfor example 24/12/2008 20:30 DT_DAY_MONTH_4_DIGIT_YEAR_TIME_MERIDIANfor example 24/12/2008 8:30 PM DT_ISO_YEAR_MONTH_DAYfor example 2008-12-24 DT_ISO_YEAR_MONTH_DAY_TIMEfor example 2008-12-24 20:30:45 DT_MONTH_DAY_4_DIGIT_YEARfor example 12/24/2008 DT_TIME_LONGfor example 8:30:45 PM UTC-6 DT_TIME_MEDIUMfor example 8:30:45 PM DT_TIME_SHORTfor example 8:30 PM DT_YEAR_ONLYfor example 2008 HIGHLIGHT_UNTYPED_CELLSHighlight cell data that does not match the data type NONENo formatting (default) NUMBER_CURRENCYfor example $1234.56 NUMBER_DEFAULTfor example 1,234.56 NUMBER_INTEGERfor example 1235 NUMBER_NO_SEPARATORfor example 1234.56 NUMBER_PERCENTfor example 123,456% NUMBER_SCIENTIFICfor example 1E3 STRING_EIGHT_LINE_IMAGEDisplays thumbnail images as tall as eight lines of text STRING_FOUR_LINE_IMAGEDisplays thumbnail images as tall as four lines of text STRING_JSON_TEXTAllows editing of text as JSON in UI STRING_JSON_LISTAllows editing of text as a JSON list in UI STRING_LINKTreats cell as a link (must start with http:// or https://) STRING_ONE_LINE_IMAGEDisplays thumbnail images as tall as one line of text STRING_VIDEO_OR_MAPDisplay a video or map thumbnail

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