Filter sets the optional parameter "filter": `Release` filter. The list method supports filters with restrictions on the `Release` `name` and also on the `Ruleset` `ruleset_name`.

Example 1) A filter of 'name=prod*' might return `Release`s with names within 'projects/foo' prefixed with 'prod':

Name | Ruleset Name ------------------------------|------------- projects/foo/release s/prod | projects/foo/rulesets/uuid1234 projects/foo/releases/prod/v1 | projects/foo/rulesets/uuid1234 projects/foo/releases/prod/v2 | projects/foo/rulesets/uuid8888

Example 2) A filter of `name=prod* ruleset_name=uuid1234` would return only `Release` instances for 'projects/foo' with names prefixed with 'prod' referring to the same `Ruleset` name of 'uuid1234':

Name | Ruleset Name ------------------------------|------------- projects/foo/release s/prod | projects/foo/rulesets/1234 projects/foo/releases/prod/v1 | projects/foo/rulesets/1234

In the examples, the filter parameters refer to the search filters for release and ruleset names are relative to the project releases and rulesets collections. Fully qualified prefixed may also be used. e.g. `name=projects/foo/releases/prod* ruleset_name=projects/foo/rulesets/uuid1`

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