About: An item with user information and settings.


type About struct {
	// AdditionalRoleInfo: Information about supported additional roles per
	// file type. The most specific type takes precedence.
	AdditionalRoleInfo []*AboutAdditionalRoleInfo `json:"additionalRoleInfo,omitempty"`

	// DomainSharingPolicy: The domain sharing policy for the current user.
	// Possible values are:
	// - allowed
	// - allowedWithWarning
	// - incomingOnly
	// - disallowed
	DomainSharingPolicy string `json:"domainSharingPolicy,omitempty"`

	// Etag: The ETag of the item.
	Etag string `json:"etag,omitempty"`

	// ExportFormats: The allowable export formats.
	ExportFormats []*AboutExportFormats `json:"exportFormats,omitempty"`

	// Features: List of additional features enabled on this account.
	Features []*AboutFeatures `json:"features,omitempty"`

	// FolderColorPalette: The palette of allowable folder colors as RGB hex
	// strings.
	FolderColorPalette []string `json:"folderColorPalette,omitempty"`

	// ImportFormats: The allowable import formats.
	ImportFormats []*AboutImportFormats `json:"importFormats,omitempty"`

	// IsCurrentAppInstalled: A boolean indicating whether the authenticated
	// app is installed by the authenticated user.
	IsCurrentAppInstalled bool `json:"isCurrentAppInstalled,omitempty"`

	// Kind: This is always drive#about.
	Kind string `json:"kind,omitempty"`

	// LanguageCode: The user's language or locale code, as defined by BCP
	// 47, with some extensions from Unicode's LDML format
	// (
	LanguageCode string `json:"languageCode,omitempty"`

	// LargestChangeId: The largest change id.
	LargestChangeId int64 `json:"largestChangeId,omitempty,string"`

	// MaxUploadSizes: List of max upload sizes for each file type. The most
	// specific type takes precedence.
	MaxUploadSizes []*AboutMaxUploadSizes `json:"maxUploadSizes,omitempty"`

	// Name: The name of the current user.
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

	// PermissionId: The current user's ID as visible in the permissions
	// collection.
	PermissionId string `json:"permissionId,omitempty"`

	// QuotaBytesByService: The amount of storage quota used by different
	// Google services.
	QuotaBytesByService []*AboutQuotaBytesByService `json:"quotaBytesByService,omitempty"`

	// QuotaBytesTotal: The total number of quota bytes.
	QuotaBytesTotal int64 `json:"quotaBytesTotal,omitempty,string"`

	// QuotaBytesUsed: The number of quota bytes used by Google Drive.
	QuotaBytesUsed int64 `json:"quotaBytesUsed,omitempty,string"`

	// QuotaBytesUsedAggregate: The number of quota bytes used by all Google
	// apps (Drive, Picasa, etc.).
	QuotaBytesUsedAggregate int64 `json:"quotaBytesUsedAggregate,omitempty,string"`

	// QuotaBytesUsedInTrash: The number of quota bytes used by trashed
	// items.
	QuotaBytesUsedInTrash int64 `json:"quotaBytesUsedInTrash,omitempty,string"`

	// QuotaType: The type of the user's storage quota. Possible values are:
	QuotaType string `json:"quotaType,omitempty"`

	// RemainingChangeIds: The number of remaining change ids, limited to no
	// more than 2500.
	RemainingChangeIds int64 `json:"remainingChangeIds,omitempty,string"`

	// RootFolderId: The id of the root folder.
	RootFolderId string `json:"rootFolderId,omitempty"`

	// SelfLink: A link back to this item.
	SelfLink string `json:"selfLink,omitempty"`

	// User: The authenticated user.
	User *User `json:"user,omitempty"`

	// ServerResponse contains the HTTP response code and headers from the
	// server.
	googleapi.ServerResponse `json:"-"`

	// ForceSendFields is a list of field names (e.g. "AdditionalRoleInfo")
	// to unconditionally include in API requests. By default, fields with
	// empty values are omitted from API requests. However, any non-pointer,
	// non-interface field appearing in ForceSendFields will be sent to the
	// server regardless of whether the field is empty or not. This may be
	// used to include empty fields in Patch requests.
	ForceSendFields []string `json:"-"`