Role: Role of the asset in relation to creative. Applicable to all but the following creative types: all REDIRECT and TRACKING_TEXT. This is a required field. PRIMARY applies to DISPLAY, FLASH_INPAGE, HTML5_BANNER, IMAGE, DISPLAY_IMAGE_GALLERY, all RICH_MEDIA (which may contain multiple primary assets), and all VPAID creatives. BACKUP_IMAGE applies to FLASH_INPAGE, HTML5_BANNER, all RICH_MEDIA, and all VPAID creatives. Applicable to DISPLAY when the primary asset type is not HTML_IMAGE. ADDITIONAL_IMAGE and ADDITIONAL_FLASH apply to FLASH_INPAGE creatives. OTHER refers to assets from sources other than DCM, such as Studio uploaded assets, applicable to all RICH_MEDIA and all VPAID creatives. PARENT_VIDEO refers to videos uploaded by the user in DCM and is applicable to INSTREAM_VIDEO and VPAID_LINEAR_VIDEO creatives. TRANSCODED_VIDEO refers to videos transcoded by DCM from PARENT_VIDEO assets and is applicable to INSTREAM_VIDEO and VPAID_LINEAR_VIDEO creatives. ALTERNATE_VIDEO refers to the DCM representation of child asset videos from Studio, and is applicable to VPAID_LINEAR_VIDEO creatives. These cannot be added or removed within DCM. For VPAID_LINEAR_VIDEO creatives, PARENT_VIDEO, TRANSCODED_VIDEO and ALTERNATE_VIDEO assets that are marked active serve as backup in case the VPAID creative cannot be served. Only PARENT_VIDEO assets can be added or removed for an INSTREAM_VIDEO or VPAID_LINEAR_VIDEO creative.

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