ReportCrossDimensionReachCriteria: The report criteria for a report of type "CROSS_DIMENSION_REACH".

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	// non-interface field appearing in ForceSendFields will be sent to the
	// server regardless of whether the field is empty or not. This may be
	// used to include empty fields in Patch requests.
	ForceSendFields []string `json:"-"`

	// NullFields is a list of field names (e.g. "AccountId") to include in
	// API requests with the JSON null value. By default, fields with empty
	// values are omitted from API requests. However, any field with an
	// empty value appearing in NullFields will be sent to the server as
	// null. It is an error if a field in this list has a non-empty value.
	// This may be used to include null fields in Patch requests.
	NullFields []string `json:"-"`

func (s *Report) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error) {
	type noMethod Report
	raw := noMethod(*s)
	return gensupport.MarshalJSON(raw, s.ForceSendFields, s.NullFields)

// ReportActiveGrpCriteria: The report criteria for a report of type
type ReportActiveGrpCriteria struct {
	// DateRange: The date range this report should be run for.
	DateRange *DateRange `json:"dateRange,omitempty"`

	// DimensionFilters: The list of filters on which dimensions are
	// filtered.
	// Filters for different dimensions are ANDed, filters for the same
	// dimension are grouped together and ORed.
	// A valid active GRP report needs to have exactly one DimensionValue
	// for the United States in addition to any advertiser or campaign
	// dimension values.
	DimensionFilters []*DimensionValue `json:"dimensionFilters,omitempty"`

	// Dimensions: The list of dimensions the report should include.