Intent: [Input Only] Specifies how Deployment Manager should apply this template. Possible options are PREVIEW, UPDATE, and CANCEL.

PREVIEW creates a deployment and creates "shell" resources but does not actually instantiate these resources. This allows you to preview what your deployment looks like. You can use this intent to preview updates to deployments or preview new deployments. You must provide a target.config with a configuration for this intent. After previewing a deployment, you can deploy your resources by making a request with the UPDATE intent or you can CANCEL the preview altogether. Note that the deployment will still exist after you cancel the preview and you must separately delete this deployment if you want to remove it.

UPDATE performs an update to the underlying resources in a deployment. If you provide a populated target.config field with this request, Deployment Manager uses that configuration to perform an update. If you had previewed this update beforehand, and do not supply a target.config or provide an empty target.config, Deployment Manager uses the last previewed configuration.

CANCEL cancels an update that is in PREVIEW or UPDATE but does not undo any changes already made.

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