SurveyCost: Message defining the cost to run a given survey through API.

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	raw := noMethod(*s)
	return gensupport.MarshalJSON(raw, s.ForceSendFields, s.NullFields)

// SurveyAudience: Specifications for the target audience of a survey
// run through the API.
type SurveyAudience struct {
	// Ages: Optional list of age buckets to target. Supported age buckets
	// are: ['18-24', '25-34', '35-44', '45-54', '55-64', '65+']
	Ages []string `json:"ages,omitempty"`

	// Country: Required country code that surveys should be targeted to.
	// Accepts standard ISO 3166-1 2 character language codes. For instance,
	// 'US' for the United States, and 'GB' for the United Kingdom.
	Country string `json:"country,omitempty"`

	// CountrySubdivision: Country subdivision (states/provinces/etc) that
	// surveys should be targeted to. For all countries except GB,
	// ISO-3166-2 subdivision code is required (eg. 'US-OH' for Ohio, United
	// States). For GB, NUTS 1 statistical region codes for the United
	// Kingdom is required (eg. 'UK-UKC' for North East England).
	CountrySubdivision string `json:"countrySubdivision,omitempty"`

	// Gender: Optional gender to target.
	Gender string `json:"gender,omitempty"`

	// Languages: Language code that surveys should be targeted to. For
	// instance, 'en-US'. Surveys may target bilingual users by specifying a
	// list of language codes (for example, 'de' and 'en-US'). In that case,
	// all languages will be used for targeting users but the survey content
	// (which is displayed) must match the first language listed. Accepts
	// standard BCP47 language codes. See specification.
	Languages []string `json:"languages,omitempty"`

	// MobileAppPanelId: Key for predefined panel that causes survey to be
	// sent to a predefined set of Opinion Rewards App users. You must set
	// PopulationSource to ANDROID_APP_PANEL to use this field.
	MobileAppPanelId string `json:"mobileAppPanelId,omitempty"`

	// PopulationSource: Online population source where the respondents are
	// sampled from.
	PopulationSource string `json:"populationSource,omitempty"`