SetIamPolicyRequest: Request message for `SetIamPolicy` method.

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// named list of permissions defined by IAM. **Example** { "bindings": [
// { "role": "roles/owner", "members": [ "user:[email protected]",
// "group:[email protected]", "",
// "serviceAccount:[email protected]", ] }, {
// "role": "roles/viewer", "members": ["user:[email protected]"] } ] }
// For a description of IAM and its features, see the [IAM developer's
// guide](
type Policy struct {
	// Bindings: Associates a list of `members` to a `role`. Multiple
	// `bindings` must not be specified for the same `role`. `bindings` with
	// no members will result in an error.
	Bindings []*Binding `json:"bindings,omitempty"`

	// Etag: `etag` is used for optimistic concurrency control as a way to
	// help prevent simultaneous updates of a policy from overwriting each