Filter sets the optional parameter "filter": An expression for filtering the results of the request. Filter rules are case insensitive. The fields eligible for filtering are: + `name` + `id` + labels.key where *key* is the name of a label Some examples of using labels as filters: |Filter|Description| |------|-----------| |name:*|The project has a name.| |name:Howl|The project's name is `Howl` or `howl`.| |name:HOWL|Equivalent to above.| |NAME:howl|Equivalent to above.| |labels.color:*|The project has the label `color`.| |labels.color:red|The project's label `color` has the value `red`.| |labels.color:red label.size:big|The project's label `color` has the value `red` and its label `size` has the value `big`.

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