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Do executes the "books.mylibrary.annotations.summary" call. Exactly one of *AnnotationsSummary or error will be non-nil. Any non-2xx status code is an error. Response headers are in either *AnnotationsSummary.ServerResponse.Header or (if a response was returned at all) in error.(*googleapi.Error).Header. Use googleapi.IsNotModified to check whether the returned error was because http.StatusNotModified was returned.

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	c.urlParams_.Set("cpksver", cpksver)
	return c

// Features sets the optional parameter "features": List of features
// supported by the client, i.e., 'RENTALS'
// Possible values:
//   "RENTALS" - Client supports rentals.
func (c *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall) Features(features ...string) *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall {
	c.urlParams_.SetMulti("features", append([]string{}, features...))
	return c

// IncludeNonComicsSeries sets the optional parameter
// "includeNonComicsSeries": Set to true to include non-comics series.
// Defaults to false.
func (c *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall) IncludeNonComicsSeries(includeNonComicsSeries bool) *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("includeNonComicsSeries", fmt.Sprint(includeNonComicsSeries))
	return c

// Locale sets the optional parameter "locale": ISO-639-1, ISO-3166-1
// codes for message localization, i.e. en_US.
func (c *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall) Locale(locale string) *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("locale", locale)
	return c

// ShowPreorders sets the optional parameter "showPreorders": Set to
// true to show pre-ordered books. Defaults to false.
func (c *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall) ShowPreorders(showPreorders bool) *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("showPreorders", fmt.Sprint(showPreorders))
	return c

// VolumeIds sets the optional parameter "volumeIds": The volume(s) to
// request download restrictions for.
func (c *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall) VolumeIds(volumeIds ...string) *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall {
	c.urlParams_.SetMulti("volumeIds", append([]string{}, volumeIds...))
	return c

// Fields allows partial responses to be retrieved. See
// for more information.
func (c *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall) Fields(s ...googleapi.Field) *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("fields", googleapi.CombineFields(s))
	return c

// Context sets the context to be used in this call's Do method. Any
// pending HTTP request will be aborted if the provided context is
// canceled.
func (c *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall) Context(ctx context.Context) *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall {
	c.ctx_ = ctx
	return c

func (c *MyconfigSyncVolumeLicensesCall) doRequest(alt string) (*http.Response, error) {
	reqHeaders := make(http.Header)
	reqHeaders.Set("User-Agent", c.s.userAgent())
	var body io.Reader = nil