Do executes the "blogger.comments.markAsSpam" call. Exactly one of *Comment or error will be non-nil. Any non-2xx status code is an error. Response headers are in either *Comment.ServerResponse.Header or (if a response was returned at all) in error.(*googleapi.Error).Header. Use googleapi.IsNotModified to check whether the returned error was because http.StatusNotModified was returned.

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// EndDate sets the optional parameter "endDate": Latest date of comment
// to fetch, a date-time with RFC 3339 formatting.
func (c *CommentsListByBlogCall) EndDate(endDate string) *CommentsListByBlogCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("endDate", endDate)
	return c

// FetchBodies sets the optional parameter "fetchBodies": Whether the
// body content of the comments is included.
func (c *CommentsListByBlogCall) FetchBodies(fetchBodies bool) *CommentsListByBlogCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("fetchBodies", fmt.Sprint(fetchBodies))
	return c

// MaxResults sets the optional parameter "maxResults": Maximum number
// of comments to include in the result.
func (c *CommentsListByBlogCall) MaxResults(maxResults int64) *CommentsListByBlogCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("maxResults", fmt.Sprint(maxResults))
	return c

// PageToken sets the optional parameter "pageToken": Continuation token
// if request is paged.
func (c *CommentsListByBlogCall) PageToken(pageToken string) *CommentsListByBlogCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("pageToken", pageToken)
	return c

// StartDate sets the optional parameter "startDate": Earliest date of
// comment to fetch, a date-time with RFC 3339 formatting.
func (c *CommentsListByBlogCall) StartDate(startDate string) *CommentsListByBlogCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("startDate", startDate)
	return c

// Status sets the optional parameter "status":
// Possible values:
//   "emptied" - Comments that have had their content removed
//   "live" - Comments that are publicly visible
//   "pending" - Comments that are awaiting administrator approval
//   "spam" - Comments marked as spam by the administrator
func (c *CommentsListByBlogCall) Status(status ...string) *CommentsListByBlogCall {
	c.urlParams_.SetMulti("status", append([]string{}, status...))
	return c

// Fields allows partial responses to be retrieved. See
// for more information.
func (c *CommentsListByBlogCall) Fields(s ...googleapi.Field) *CommentsListByBlogCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("fields", googleapi.CombineFields(s))
	return c

// IfNoneMatch sets the optional parameter which makes the operation
// fail if the object's ETag matches the given value. This is useful for
// getting updates only after the object has changed since the last
// request. Use googleapi.IsNotModified to check whether the response
// error from Do is the result of In-None-Match.
func (c *CommentsListByBlogCall) IfNoneMatch(entityTag string) *CommentsListByBlogCall {
	c.ifNoneMatch_ = entityTag
	return c

// Context sets the context to be used in this call's Do method. Any
// pending HTTP request will be aborted if the provided context is
// canceled.
func (c *CommentsListByBlogCall) Context(ctx context.Context) *CommentsListByBlogCall {