Do executes the "blogger.comments.approve" call. Exactly one of *Comment or error will be non-nil. Any non-2xx status code is an error. Response headers are in either *Comment.ServerResponse.Header or (if a response was returned at all) in error.(*googleapi.Error).Header. Use googleapi.IsNotModified to check whether the returned error was because http.StatusNotModified was returned.

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	s            *Service
	userId       string
	urlParams_   gensupport.URLParams
	ifNoneMatch_ string
	ctx_         context.Context

// ListByUser: Retrieves a list of blogs, possibly filtered.
func (r *BlogsService) ListByUser(userId string) *BlogsListByUserCall {
	c := &BlogsListByUserCall{s: r.s, urlParams_: make(gensupport.URLParams)}
	c.userId = userId
	return c

// FetchUserInfo sets the optional parameter "fetchUserInfo": Whether
// the response is a list of blogs with per-user information instead of
// just blogs.
func (c *BlogsListByUserCall) FetchUserInfo(fetchUserInfo bool) *BlogsListByUserCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("fetchUserInfo", fmt.Sprint(fetchUserInfo))
	return c

// Role sets the optional parameter "role": User access types for blogs
// to include in the results, e.g. AUTHOR will return blogs where the
// user has author level access. If no roles are specified, defaults to
// ADMIN and AUTHOR roles.
// Possible values:
//   "ADMIN" - Admin role - Blogs where the user has Admin level access.
//   "AUTHOR" - Author role - Blogs where the user has Author level
// access.
//   "READER" - Reader role - Blogs where the user has Reader level
// access (to a private blog).
func (c *BlogsListByUserCall) Role(role ...string) *BlogsListByUserCall {
	c.urlParams_.SetMulti("role", append([]string{}, role...))
	return c

// Status sets the optional parameter "status": Blog statuses to include
// in the result (default: Live blogs only). Note that ADMIN access is
// required to view deleted blogs.
// Possible values:
//   "DELETED" - Blog has been deleted by an administrator.
//   "LIVE" (default) - Blog is currently live.
func (c *BlogsListByUserCall) Status(status ...string) *BlogsListByUserCall {
	c.urlParams_.SetMulti("status", append([]string{}, status...))
	return c

// View sets the optional parameter "view": Access level with which to
// view the blogs. Note that some fields require elevated access.
// Possible values:
//   "ADMIN" - Admin level detail.
//   "AUTHOR" - Author level detail.
//   "READER" - Reader level detail.
func (c *BlogsListByUserCall) View(view string) *BlogsListByUserCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("view", view)
	return c

// Fields allows partial responses to be retrieved. See
// for more information.
func (c *BlogsListByUserCall) Fields(s ...googleapi.Field) *BlogsListByUserCall {
	c.urlParams_.Set("fields", googleapi.CombineFields(s))
	return c